Portraits of people


Since 2016 I have taken up portraying people again. Partly due to the commission of Cavalerie Honorary Escorte with their commission for a portrait of our king together with a horse from the royal stables. And through the lessons of my teacher Paul van Ernich and Yvonne Heemskerk. Both also former participants of dutch tv portrait artshow "Sterren op het Doek".



Son Jemi

It took a while before I dared to capture my son, but now he is one of my greatest muses and he is a regular model for my work.


Portraying people

Picking up the portraying of people initiated a beautiful development.
Participation Stars on Canvas has confirmed this inspiration for me.

I like to work portraits that allow me to create a slightly different than 'normal' kind of painting and completely worthy of the character and energy of my subject.

I both work the old Dutch master method and the Zorn technique.











Transeparency on cost



Working method



Personal contact: During this first contact, we talk about your wishes, I respond to your questions, I advise if wanted and we discuss our agreement.




Order confirmation: After our first meetup, I send you an order confirmation containing all the things we agreed on. In this way, it always clear for both parties what we agreed. After you signed it, we will make an appointment to meet if and when possible. And if this has not happened already.




Getting to know you: I would really like to meet you and your horse or the subject in person. If not possible, receiving photos of good quality is even more crucial. We can also meet through video chat.




Creating your portrait: I’ll create your portrait in my studio. I will engage you in this process from the beginning to the end.




Handing over your portrait: when the portrait is done, we will make an appointment to hand over your portrait. This is always a special moment. When this is not an option, the portrait can be shipped internationally.






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Portret van een bruin paard door mirelle vegers olieverf schilderij op doek