Pet Portrait

A painting of your beloved pet/horse

forever portrait 

An everlasting memory


Besides creating high-end oil paintings I also offer smaller acrylic paintings, accessible for a larger public.
I call them Pet Portraits. 

You can order a small portrait of 30 x 30 cm to commemorate your beloved horse, pet, bird or farm animal or to surprise someone with a Pet Portrait as a very special and original gift.
A unique portrait of which only one exists on the face of this earth.
How cool is that?

A Pet Portrait is a unique work of art. It will certainly delight, surprise and move you. 

Do you also want a portrait that resonates with you? A portrait that you will enjoy for the rest of your life? A portrait that is an eye-catcher in the room? Then read on!







How it works

You send in your favourite photo to me and I start work on it. That is to say, I will determine the cut-out and the colour of the background. Then I create a digital sketch for you to review and after your approval, I paint it in acrylics on canvas of 30 x 30 cm (12" inch). I have done this so many times and it creates the most original results. I charge an amount of 475 euros for such a unique and special painting. The artistic layout is done by me. You can trust my creative process. You will be just as pleasantly surprised as the rest of my clients.

See here 30 examples of works which have all been received with great enthusiasm. 





Kleintje Kunst acryl portret van paard Whisper op doek geschilderd door Mirelle Vegers

I'm Gerdien Berkel from Kockengen. We had a painting made of our horse Whisper to give to my father as a farewell gift because he is retiring. I have been following Mirelle on Facebook for quite some time. I find her paintings so incredibly beautiful. She gets her paintings to speak to you and there is always so much depth in her work. They are always so striking. I have no doubt whatsoever in purchasing one of her works. I already have 2 Pet Portraits on my wall. In the time of her 30-day challenge, I was lucky that she chose not 1, but even 2 photos of my other horses to paint. Later on, I had another Pet Portrait made of our deceased dog (Indy) for my parents. This was very emotionally received by my mother. The painting is so beautiful, really has a soul and is Indy. My father was surprised by the artwork of Whisper. He did not expect it and feels it is very beautiful.
Would I recommend Mirelle to someone else? Everything that Mirelle paints is beautiful! Thanks to the Pet Portraits, she offers you a possibility to own a beautiful painting on your wall of 1 of your precious animals for a smaller budget, painted by Mirelle. 


Sincerely, Gerdien





Good to know


Photography: Send in your photo. The better the quality of the photo, the better I can see everything. I will first assess the photo first and report back to you if I can not use a photo due to quality, layout or lighting issues before starting any work. You may send in another for reevaluation.

Copyright: I need explicit permission by the photographer to use & edit the photo! If it is not your photo, you can request permission from the relevant photographer. This is mandatory.

Data: Please fill in all requested information completely on the registration form below. Or contact me through email on

Communication: Via telephone, Skype, email, social media and/or Whatsapp.

You will receive a picture of the result before shipping.

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Material: Acrylic on a 3D canvas

Cost: The commission is 475 euros, including shipping within The Netherlands. Outside of the Netherlands, shipping costs will be added (for example about 25 / 30 euro to get it to the US).

For the Netherlands; deposit is 50% of the order: 237,50 euros, through the following payment link. Final payment via digital invoice upon delivery, before shipment.
International; Payment upfront. Email to receive additional information on bank transfer option.

Framing: Optional. Set in a white, wooden, black, black+silver or black+gold wide box frame. Additional costs of 80 euros. Take into account that this will add to the time of delivery time.

Shipping: Via DHL with track & trace. Some countries need official filled in custom documents, these will be sorted and the invoice has to be added for custom duty. Mostly I have found there are no additional custom duty costs on one of a kind original artwork made to order of this price range.





Commission a Pet Portrait

Send the photo with your name and invoicing + shipping address to
An English version of the terms and conditions is available via

For payment by bank transfer, we use TransferWise;

Here is a step by step guide for you to follow.

these are our bank details:
IBAN: NL85 RABO 0332 4226 66
Mirelle Vegers Equine Art

Please let us know if you need any assistance, we are happy to help:



A few tips:

* Would you like to provide a good photo so that I can start immediately? Then keep in mind the following points:


  • Make sure your pet/horse is in focus on the picture. Even if he is moving.
  • Drop the light on your pet/horse on the side you want to show. Tip: photograph your animal with the sun in your back or slightly obliquely behind you, an angle of about 45 degrees. Do not let the shadow fall on the front of your pet/horse.
  • Zoom in as far as possible from a great distance to avoid perspective distortion. But make sure your pet/horse fills up the whole picture, not somewhere off in the distance (unless this is what you want).
  • Ask a friend to help you position your pet/horse so that you can see through the lens and make a good picture.
  • A crackling bag or a sound will help you to catch the attention of your pet/horse.
  • Consider whether you want your pet/horse with the whole body in the painting or only with head and neck. With only the head and neck, photographer only the head with the neck and a piece of the chest.
  • Do you want to put several pets/horses together on one canvas? Make sure that the shadow falls on the same side everywhere. Preferably put them all together on the photo.
  • Horses: preferably no halters, bridles and saddles. These hide the natural shape of your horse. The size of the painting in acrylic does not provide the possibility for great detail.
  •  Want to make sure that it's done right? Then call a local equine photographer and have the results of a great photoshoot to enjoy as well besides your Pet Portrait.

In the case of a fully and correctly submitted application, the work will be added to our project list in consecutive order. 
If you have any questions, please contact

Do you have more photo's for me to choose from? Please chuck them all into to my e-mail address.




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