Portrait of your horse(s)

The bond we have with horses is very special

Every horse owner will agree, the connection you make with a horse is from your heart. We should honour all the things that horses give to us. Horses are in our lives for a short time. Sickness can cause the time you have together to be cut down even shorter.





Your horse always by your side

It is my special talent to connect to the soul of your horse. I really feel your horse, and with this results I paint. In this way you will experience your horse in every way possible. You not only see, but also feel your horse. The smell, the feeling, the bond you have. I show the character and soul of your horse. It is really a present that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. It brings joy and an in some cases also peace and support. 






“Having Mirelle Vegers create an artwork for you, is something you do once in your life.” 







“I thought that if an artist could reflect a resemblance in this way, that I had to reach her. She should definitely paint Ileisa! And it happened. I am so happy with the result! Everything is perfect. My wish came true.”


- Iris Toxopeüs-Boss from Lochem, The Netherlands -





From contact to painting



Personal contact: During this first contact, we talk about your wishes, I respond to your questions, I advise if wanted and we discuss our agreement.




Order confirmation: After our first meetup, I send you an order confirmation containing all the things we agreed on. In this way, it always clear for both parties what we agreed. After you signed it, we will make an appointment to meet.




Getting to know you: I would really like to meet you and your horse in person. If your horse is deceased, it is important to have videos and/or photos of good quality. If this is not possible, then a meeting through video conference call is optional.  




Creating your portrait: I’ll create your portrait in my studio. I will engage you in this process from the beginning to the end.




Handing over your portrait: when the portrait is done, we will make an appointment to hand over your portrait. This is always a special moment. When this is not an option, the portrait can be shipped internationally.





Yes, I want a painting







Portraits of horses from 60 or 70 cms

(starting at 1 horse, head and neck in a simple composition)


Oil paint on panel with basic frame
(decorative framing possible, price on request)

  • 70 cm from €2500
  • 100 cm from €3500
  • 150 cm from €4300


Drawings (charcoal or graphite) on paper

  • 60 cm from €950
  • 100 cm from €1500


Small Pet Portraits


More than one horse or a horse together with a dog/cat or just dog/cat;
other sizes or other materials or linen:

Price upon request


travel fee in The Netherlands:

€0,30 per kilometer


Travel fee abroad:

ticket and stay


International shipping:

Price upon request


We take care of (decorative) frameworks and framing of your artwork. Pricing upon request.


Payment arrangements


The portraits that I create are custom made. The price of your portrait depends on the material, size and composition (one or more horses or persons). During our first appointment we will talk about what kind of portrait you want and I will give you a customized indication of charge.






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