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I receive many questions about (creative) entrepreneurship on a regular base. It is quite a challenge to be a real entrepreneur, besides being (a) creative. Through the years I have found a good way that works well for me. I have successfully built my business and this is still a growing process. I've found my balance in the meanwhile.

I do not just work from my heart, talent & passion, but I can also rely on my training as a Marketeer, Graphic Designer, Corporate Identity Specialist and my intensive training in Sales from the Heart by one of Europe's leading online sales trainers. And just a heck of a lot of life experience. I am not afraid to dream big and I'm on my way. However, to enjoy the trip and have the confidence that you will make it is something else entirely.

Because there are many people who would like to know how I do it and what I have to say about it, I invite you to the converstation table. On my way I have already been able to help dozens of entrepreneurs and it's amazing to see what effect this has had on them.

When you think and feel that I can help you with this as well, you are welcome to request such a conversation. I will be your mirror and give you enough information to help you grow to your next level. You also get a bucket load of positive energy, inspiration and motivation.




1x 1.5 hour Inspiration Session

You can submit to me your biggest problem, which you are currently facing.
I will provide you with a solution as I see it.
You can ask me about me as an artist and the entrepreneurship during this session.
I bring the proverbial mirror, inspiration and motivation from which you can grow.


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As a creative entrepreneur we encounter many common threats, obstacles and pitfalls such as:


  • Doubts about your own qualities
  • Your perfectionism gets in your way
  • Not knowing your own worth
  • Resistance to marketing and sales
  • Feeling that it could be so different but HOW?
  • Frustration of the 'not knowing' how to be an entrepeneur
  • Fear of losing your identity if you really would be taking action
  • Fear of being too commercial or becoming commercial
  • Fear of being seen
  • Fear of failure but also fearful to succeed at your goal(s)
  • Difficulty with the opinions and reactions of others about what you are doing and where you want to be
  • Difficulty with following your heart. Because you never learned how.
  • You are very sensitive and you do not know how to handle this.


Do you recognize yourself in any of these or more? Then I can help you. I know this, I have lived it and I know what I had to do to handle these issues and make the necessary changes.


Do you finally want to get on your way to succes and leave these barriers behind you?


Finally being able to talk to someone who understands you and give you that kick in the b* that you so desperately need right now?

Get advice from an artist and creative who knows exactly how it feels because she has experienced it all herself? 


Would you want to talk to someone who knows how to bend (standard) methods into an appropriate strategy for you?



Then I would say book that appointment now. I guarantee that you will walk away a different person. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Do it now, you really deserve to invest in yourself.



If you have yourself, you have everything you need to achieve your goal.



I've learned a long time ago that if you give value you can ask for something in return.
That is also part of business. My time is very costly and this is my offer:


1 x Inspiration Conference Call Session à 1.5 hours and your investment in yourself is $ 90.



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Appointments have to be scheduled according to Central European Time. 
Sessions to be paid in advance.

Skype: Mirelle Vegers



- Mirelle