About Mirelle


Meet Mirelle Vegers, an artist with a deep passion for the horse.
She is an artist with a profound admiration for the being that is the horse. From the moment she could hold a pencil she has been creating art.
For more then over 22 years she has been working her paintings.

Her heart started beating faster

As a little girl Mirelle had a passion for horses. Her mother had to strap her to the buggy otherwise she would run off into the meadows towards the horses. Whenever she saw horses or even heard their sounds her little heart would start beating faster. And these feelings still remain.
On her tenth birthday, she was allowed to start taking riding lessons and has built up about 18 years or riding experience. Jumping, dressage and riding in the woods have been a big part of her life.


A dream becomes real

Her passion and admiration for horses were always expressed through drawing and painting. For years she dreamed of making this her way of life. Since 2011 her dream becomes reality. And now she is working her artwork and commissioned work from inside her own art studio in Wijchen (the Netherlands).
Over the years she has literally made hundreds of equine paintings. Of which over more than 75 commissioned pieces in the past five years. Every commissioned piece has been well received. And each time it has been a great privilege to hand over the artwork to the proud owner and to experience the emotion that comes with it. It is priceless.


Her path

Mirelle has found she has a special way of connecting to horses. Working from her intuition she makes a deep connection to her subject. You are able to look the horse in the eye and experience something quite unique. It has taken her years to develop her way of creating her art but it has been worth every experience and learning curve.



"Do not fixate on one thing. Look beyond & you'll discover passion, warmth & creativity."
- Mirelle -







curriculum vitae


Mirelle Vegers
28 February 1975
Zomertaling 131-5, 6601 DW Wijchen
+31 (0)6 3879 6523

1986-1992    HAVO (secular school)
1992-1996    Grafisch Lyceum Eindhoven (Graphic Design)
1996-2003    Working at communication and design agencies
2003   Started as an entrepreneur under the name of “FrenkDesign” with graphic designs and artwork
2011   Realisation of her own art studio in Wijchen  “Paardenportretten met karakter” (Equine portraits with character)
2017   Name change to Mirelle Vegers Equine Art



The being that is the horse
fine art | figurative | realism | modern



17th Century classical painting techniques  2016 / 2017  



Oil / Acrylic / Panel / Canvas  / Linen


Representation / gallery  

The Wolf Fine Art - Los Angeles, United States (2018 - current)

ICAS Vilas Art Gallery - Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK (2018 - current)

Art Vinkeveen,  Kristien van Elteren (2013 - 2014)




"Summer Art 2018" group exhibit, july - august, ICAS Vilas Art Gallery - Letchworth Garden City, UK | 2018
"Color of Life 2018" group exhibit, march - april, ICAS Vilas Art Gallery - Letchworth Garden City, UK | 2018
Kunstraffinaderij, Nijmegen, group | 2017
Annual Dutch Art Fair, Amsterdam, group | 2017
Gallery De Kunstmakelaar, Nijmegen, solo | 2016
Gallery De Kunstpost, Wijchen, solo | 2014
Gallery Art Vinkeveen, group | 2013
Jumping Amsterdam, group | 2013
Gallery De Kunstpost, Wijchen, solo  | 2010
Gallery De Mooie Lisa, Bruchem, solo | 2009


Equine events

Equestrian Plus Tour 2018
Horse Event
Brabantse Ruiterdagen
Hippisch Festijn Grave
Outdoor Brabant


Artists organizations

NABK (National Association for Visual Artists)
BOK (Professional Artist Organisation)