Creative mini explosion

Let's go back in time. In November 2017 I participated in the November 30/30 challenge.

Every day, for 30 days, create a work of art on a canvas of 30 x 30 cm.


I honestly admit that I found it quite exciting to HAVE TO create a piece of art every day. But hey, I thought it was super fun.

In fact, I will continue!

Under the name "Small Artworks on Commission" I will now make small portraits on order.

You can order a small portrait of 30 x 30 cm (12" inch) to capture your own horse forever or to surprise someone with a special and original gift. A unique copy, painted by the artist herself. A painting of which only one exists in the whole world. How cool is that?

I charge an amount of 450 euros (
544 USD / 402 GBP) for such a unique and special painting.



How it works

I use the same creative approach as I did during the challenge. You send photos of the subject to me and I start working on it. That is to say, I determine the cut-out and the color of the background. Then I make a sketch and I paint al la (immediately) in acrylic on a canvas of 30x30 cm. This yields the best and most original results.

I hope you dare and let yourself be surprised and the direction of the work (color and layout) stays with me. This is really good, see here 30 examples of works that have been received with great enthusiasm.

Photography:   Send in your own photo. The better the quality of the photo, the better I can see everything. I will first assess the photo itself and report whether it is usable before starting the assignment.

Copyright:   I need permission to use & edit this photo. You can request this from the relevant photographer. This is mandatory.

Data:   Please fill in all requested information completely on the registration form below.

Communication:   Via telephone, Skype, mail, social media and/or Whatsapp. You will receive the end result digitally before shipping. You may also pick it up yourself.

Payment:   You receive a digital invoice. Down payment is 50%. Full payment on delivery, before shipment. We accept PayPal.

Size:   30x30 cm

Material:   Acrylic on 3D canvas

Cost:   450 euros, incl. shipping within NL. Outside of the Netherlands cost of shipping will be added.
(544 USD / 402 GBP)

Framing:   Optional, additional costs of 80 euros. (Take into account longer delivery time).

Shipping:   via PostNL with track & trace.

Restriction:   I can create a maximum of 4 of these works per month. So the number of assignments per month is limited. In order of receipt of your request and receipt of payment, your order will be placed on a work list. You will be notified of the delivery date.


Order a small artwork

Attached is the registration form for your own unique small portrait.

Name + Sure Name:*
Postal code + Town:*
Phone number (plus country code):*
Picture to use for this commission:*
Permission of use:*
Prefered delivery date? (I will try to accomodate if possible):


* Would you like to provide a good photo so that I can start immediately? Then keep in mind the following points:

  • Make sure your horse is sharp in the picture. Even if he is moving.
  • Let the light fall on your horse on the side you want to show. Tip: photograph your horse with the sun on your back or slightly obliquely behind you. Do not let the shadow fall on the front of your horse.
  • Zoom in as far as possible from a great distance to avoid perspective distortion. But make sure your horse fills the whole picture.
  • Ask a friend to help you position your horse so that you can see through the lens if he is in the right spot.
  • A crackling pouch or a sound sometimes helps to catch the attention of your horse.
  • Consider whether you want a full body painting or only head and neck. With only head and neck, photograph only the head with the neck and a piece of a chest.
  • Do you want to put several horses together on one canvas? Make sure that the shadow falls on the same side everywhere. Preferably put them all together in the photo.
  • Preferably no halters, bridles, and saddles. These hide the natural shape of your horse. The size of the painting in acrylic does not provide the possibility to work it out in detail.
  • Want to be sure the photo is approved straight away? Then call a top equine photographer near you and have a great photoshoot which also leaves you with some awesome photography to enjoy for the rest of your life.




Upon acceptance of your fully and correctly submitted application, the work will be arranged consecutively on the work list. *

If you have any questions, please contact or call +31 6 38 79 65 23.



* If the upload does not work for some reason, you can also email your request to The photo (s) can then be sent via to my e-mail address.